Monday, May 5, 2014

Tweezerman Tweezers Review

Best tweezers ever!! They are not cheap, but they are worth every cent you spend.

This is the fastest way to express my opinion about the Tweezerman tweezers. And let me just add that I only buy expensive products when there is a good discount on them. I had mine at 20% off because I got me 2 wide grip Tweezerman tweezers and the SA added a free extra mini tweezer. It was a very good deal for me.

So, as I mentioned, I have 3 Tweezerman tweezers. I used to have the normal one first, and I fell in love with it, but one day it got lost and I had to replace it, so I bought me 3 more to replace it (2 + 1 free). At the store they only had the mini ones and the wide grip ones, so that's what I got.

About the first one (the one that is missing): It was the best tweezers I had ever used. Compared to other tweezers I had, my first Tweezerman tweezers was better my far. They got every single hair I need to pluck. Long or short, it didn't matter. The next picture shows how was my missing tweezer.

The replace I got me were again, from Tweezerman. I was so pissed off for loosing my fave tweezers that after a couple of days without them I went to the store and bought me some more. As I said before, I bought me 3. A little too much??? Maybe, but you know, just in case.

As you can see, there is not a lot of diffence between the sizes of the small one (the mint tweezers) and the wide grip ones.

 The mint tweezers are the small ones. They cost about 15€. They are sharp and slant and just as the regular ones, they get every single hair you want to remove. Their size make them perfet to put it in your travel makeup bag, or in your purse.  They don't take much space and you can store them in the provided tube they have. This way you can make sure they don't get lost in your bag, or scratch somewhere with their sharp tip.

The tip of the mini tweezers is just as the other ones. Big or small the quality is the same. Let's just talk about the wide grip tweezers now.

Just as I stated before, if you compare the tips of the different tweezers, you can clearly see they look the same. they have the same finishing.

The Wide Grip Tweezerman Tweezers are different just in that wide part, the grip. This wide part really helps when you have to use them. I found it weird at the begining. To be honest, I had never seen anything like that before and I was quite esceptical about them. I thought it was just something they did to "create" a different product. But the truth is that once you get used to that, it's really easier to pluck your brow hairs.

They come in a clear plastic box, just like the one you can see in the picture above, and they also have a plastic protection for the tip (it can be seen in the first picture of this post).

Now that I have two wide grip tweezers by Tweezerman and I have tried three different tweezers by this brand, I can say that for me, these wide grit ones are the best. This is just my prefference. I bought those because the regulare ones were sold out, but it was good that I could get these ones. I don't regret any euro I spent buying them. They were marked at almost 20€ each, but I paid less for them because I got an extra discount. Lucky me.

You can get your tweezers sharpened by Tweezerman. As far as I know, in the States it takes about 6 or 7 weeks to get yours sharpened. I don't know how long it would take to get them if you live in Europe.

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