Monday, May 19, 2014

Benefit Erase Paste Concealer

I'm not one of those lucky girls without imperfections on their skin. I have blemishes, dark under eyes, large pores... so I try everything I'm told to hide them. That's why I tried Benefit Erase Paste.

This is a creamy concealer that works wonders on my under eye marks. Those dark circles are gone! 

What is this product? This product is concieved as a concealer that will hide all the imperfections you might have on your face. It's a salmony concealer available in 3 different shades. I have shade number 2. It comes in a small pot with a small spatula. I say a small pot because it only contains 4.4g. of product. Compared to other concealers, this one is quite expensive. But to be honest, it works wonders under the eyes.

Since it have those salmon tones, it corrects beautifuly the under eye area, hiding those dark blue ugly marks. Can be applyed directly over the skin with the spatula and then blend with your fingers, or you can use a brush.

I apply the product after my foundation with a Zoeva 142 concealer buffer brush.  This way I can make sure both products blend well. If I use the concealer first, sometimes it's harder to blend, or it migrates if my eyecream is too emolient.

I don't like how this product hides blemishes. The color does look too salmon on my skin when I try to cover them. It does not look like natural skin, so I don't use it for this purpose.

The worst thing about this product is the price, and although you don't really need a big quantity of product to hide dark undereyes, I think it's too pricy for what it is. I'll try to find something else to compete with this product. If anyone knows any good dupe, please, let me know.


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