Monday, May 12, 2014

Fine One One Blush by Benefit Review

I bought this blush without thinking. I liked the idea behind it. I found it to be a cool new product by benefit and I was curious about it.

I was at a Benefit counter in Barcelona and I was just looking at their products. My idea that day was not to buy anything unless I really needed it. But I paid no attention to my mind. Of course I needed a new blush... we all do, right?? ;)

I have a love-hate feeling with this product. Let me explain...

Benefit Cosmetics came out with a new idea of highlight+blush+contour. You can find a link to their website here. This is a stick blush. Comes in a nice rosegold packaging and since it's a stic, it's easy to carry around and apply. And you can blend it with your fingers and you're good to go.

The product has 3 different shades: a pale light pink to highlight, a hot coral pink to give color to your cheeks and an orange shade that gives color and helps you contour your face. You only have to blend them a little bit and you're done.

The colors look quite nice when you swatch them. In the next picture you can see how they look when they are not blended. 
The pale pink highlight is nice and once blended looks great on my NC30 skin tone. You can dab a little bit of it with your fingers and then apply it on its own. So beautiful.
The middle coral hot pink is nice. I tend to gravitate toward these pinks when I look for blushes, so no surprice there. Of course i like this blush.
The last shade is a nice orange shade. Pretty on its own too, and pretty when blended in with the pink. 
Actually, when you blend the orange and the pink you end up with a gorgeous coral shade that I love!
But here ends what I like.

There are a few thinks that I dislike about this blush. Starting with the price and ending with the staying power.

  • Price: It's about 30€ at Sephora. 
  • When blended, it really looses its pigmentations.
  • I have oily skin, and when I apply it without a powder product on top, my cheeks end up looking oily in a couple of hours, wich leads me to the next point,
  • Staying power: As soon as it starts getting oily, the color fades away, and in less than 4 hours there's no blush on my face. 
  • If I apply a powder product on top the original color of this blush disappears. If I apply a powder blush, the color you will see in my face is the one from the powder blush. This Benefit Fine One One does not show and does not leave any trace that it's been there. And if I apply a mattifying powder, the color of the Fine One One looses even more picmentation, but if you apply too much of it to keep the pigmentation you want, then it even gets more oily.

I think there are more things I don't like about this blush than the ones I do like... It's not a bad product, I will not repurchase it when I finish it (if I ever finish it). Maybe I'll give it to someone with dryer skin than mine, and see if that blush works better on other skin types.

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