Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask Review

Do you like face masks? Right now I'm trying this Seaweed Ionic Clay face mask by The Body Shop. It's an algae clay face mask for oily to combination skin. I personaly think that it's better for oily skin types than combo, but that's just my opinion.

It comes in a 100ml (5.0 oz) jar that costs 20€ and The Body Shop also used to have individual sachets for about 6€ so thay you could try it first at home without buying the fullsize product.  

This mask has a grey color and a minty scent. It contains kaolin, heilmoor clay and bladderwrack seaweed from Ireland. This mask is good to take impurities out of your skin, it has clarifying properties and it's very refreshing. 

I apply this mask after my cleansing routine with my Clarisonic. Then, the mask. I know most people apply facemasks with their fingers, but I preffer to use my Sigma foundation brush (F60) to apply it evenly and spread a thin layer of product on my face. Then, it just has to stay put up to 10 minutes. It's not recommended to leave it on longer because it might cause skin irritation. I do find that if I apply a too thin layer, it's like not applying anything on your face.

When I apply it, I can see the small seewead particles. It feels fresh at first, but after a couple of minutes on it feels itchy only on the parts of my face that are more sensitive. I feel this itchiness on the area between my nose and the apple of my cheeks. It feels nice on the rest of my face, though.

It should get dry after those 10 minutes, but as you can see in the previous picturer, some areas are dry and some are still wet. If after 10 minutes it's not dry, I leave it on for a little bit more, as long as it does not feel to itchy. 

The last step is only to rinse it thoroughly with water. Cold, warm or hot, it's up to you.

I find that this mask really makes my skin feel clearer, but I see no difference in the size of my pores and other imperfections I have. After the mask my skin feels tight and dry, so a good moisturizer is required. 

The regular use of this mask combined with the rest of the products of the Seaweed range by The Body Shop are suposed to clear your skin, and control excess oil and keep you matte. This mask alone without the other products (or other products designed to achieve these same results) will not give you such good results. 

Over all it's a good face mask. Good quality, good price and nice results. The amount of product you get is also nice. 

I've found this pin on Pinterest that this is also a good dupe for the Glamglow Supermud mask. I'll try this soon and write a review about that one, and also make some comparison of the two.

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