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Bourjois Express Eye Makeup Remover Review

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What is your favourite kind of eye makeup removers? Gel? Soap? Liquid? Oil?

One of the best ones, for me, is this Bourjois  Express Eye Makeup Remover. It's a two-phase product that convines an oily product (blue liquid) with a non-oily one (clear liquid). It's good to remove waterproof eye makeup, and it really does it well. Keep in mind that Bourjois is a brand from Chanel and some of their products are mostly the same.

This is my third bottle of this product and will repurchase it for sure, as I've been doing in the last couple of years, since I first discovered it. This bottle is 200ml. and costs 3,99€.

What it does:

  • The blue oily product is the one in charge of removing all the eye makeup you have on. And it does it soooo nicely and easily that this has been the main reason why I've stick to this product for so long.
  • The clear liquid is the one that will clean the oil residue at the same time you're removing your eye makeup and won't leave that oily cast that other products have.

My experience with this product has been good. Otherwise I would not have repurchasing it over and over. It does a very good job, but you have to keep a few things in mind before using it. According to me (this is just my opinion) what has to be done to use this product is:

First, shake it very very very thoroughly, because it has to convine the two products.
Second, you need to keep a cotton pad in hand to work fast and apply the product because otherwise the two products will start to separate. And third, you apply it to your eye and leave it there for 20 seconds or more without rubbing or doing anything. After those seconds, you swipe it very gently downwards and most of the product, if not all, will be gone.

The days that I was in a hurry and did something different, it did not remove the eye makeup completly, though it did quite a good job.

I do think that if the product does not get combined, it leaves that oily cast that I hate, and then I have to use something else (generaly my Biotherma Sensibio H2O or my Diadermine High Tolerance Gel Makeup Remover) to remove it.

One of the best things about this product is that it's very gentle for the skin of the eye area. Does not leave it irritated. That is very importand considering how fragile that skin is.

Even though it contains oil, it does not affect my oily skin with more blemishes or clogging pores or anything like that, and it will work for all skin types.

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Over all, it's a very good drugstore product and it does the job better than other makeup removers I've used.

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