Monday, April 28, 2014

The Body Shop Cool BB Cream

It had been a while since I last went to The Body Shop. I went to see what was new in there. I was curious. The first thing that caught my attention was the Vitamin E range of products. I read different reviews and opinions for that products, and I wanted to see and test them before buying them. I knew I could buy them online, but... I was not sure about that. I had to know what I wanted first and what to expect. 

I was interested in the new bb cream "Vitamin E Cool BB Cream" but I was not sure if I wanted to buy it or not. It costed 17 euros, but I already had the Garnier BB cream at home and I wanted to finish it up before buying something new.
The sales assistant gave me 3 little samples so that I could try it at home and make sure I like the product. So I went home and the next few days I tried it.

Each sample contains 1.5ml. of product. This BB cream is enriched with wheatgerm oil. Has light coverage and covers imperfections, evens out the skintone and it's lightweight. There is only one shade available, but it addapts to your skin because it's very blendable.

At first sight it's thick. But when you touch it, you feel its lightness. Don't expect it to be as liquidy as other BB creams like the Garnier one. A small amount is enough to cover all your face.  I used 1 sample for 3 different applications.

The product blends nicely on the top of my hand, but it was not what happened on my face... On my hand, though, you can see there is no trace of product, and the skin texture is much more even.

When I applied this BB cream on my face it didn't blend and it did clump when I rubbed it into my skin to buff it in. It had never happened to me before with any other product (bb cream, cc cream or moisturizer). The product was visible in each and every pore or fine line under my eyes! It felt disgusting!!

My skin is oily, I have pores and I need to set all the BB creams and concealers I apply with setting poweder. This was no exeption. And setting this BB cream made it even more obvious.

I guess I was lucky to get the samples and could try the product on a few days. That allowed me to see that was not the product for me, and I saved 17 euros.

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